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First Challenge!

Ok, to inaugerate the community, we thought we'd throw out our very first challenge to both writers and artists.

Challenge #1 - Baby Blues

A man with a baby is always "awww" inducing. But it can also be hysterical, or terrifying, or angsty as hell. We want to see you give us a story where one or more of the band members have to deal with an unexpected baby. How they acquire the baby and how they handle it is completely up to you. There are only a few rules:

1. If you're writing a fic, the concept of one or more of the Panik boys interacting with a baby must be a significant portion of the fic. It doesn't have to be the entire fic, but we also don't want just a minor mention of a baby in the fic. The challenge is to actually incorporate the idea of the guy or guys having to actually take care of a baby.

2. If you're writing a fic, the fic must contain some sort of slash pairing in it. It does not have to have sex in it; G or PG rated fics are absolutely acceptable. But this is a slash community, so at least have a mention of a slash pairing in there somewhere. If you're drawing art, it would be nice if you'd give us at least two members of the band with the baby, but we'll accept a single band member with the baby.

3. No mpreg. For this particular challenge, we'd prefer to try to keep things as realistic as possible (well, as realistic as you can get when you're writing fanfiction).

So get writing or drawing. Show us how creative you can be! Let's start filling up the com. ^__^
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